Some of the aims and objectives of our programmes are to:

  • Promote the art and science of good management towards manpower development and capacity building in the fast becoming world of technology;
  • Improve clients/participants’ ability to become more confident and skillful managers of diminishing resources in both private and public sectors of the economy;
  • Assist clients/participants build competent organization and strategies for development;
  • Maximize output and improve efficiency in the spirit of service delivery;
  • Showcase the numerous benefits of partnership for development in all sectors of the economy; and
  • Above all, ensuring that at the end of the programmes, the participants would have been re-assured, re-informed, built-in self-confidence with regards to the workability of some of the vital government policies and programmes/development agenda.


Do You Need:

  • sound secretarial/rapportuering and management consulting;
  • staff recruitment/placement;
  • Fraud Investigation;
  • Specialized Training Seminar/workshop: on emotional intelligence, stress management & graceful ageing programmes, etc;
  • conference/event management;
  • Empowerment/Entrepreneurship programme;
  • IT related services: Web-design, branding & innovation, etc?

Then Service Avalanche Consults & Systems Ltd (SACSL), should be your 1st point of contact and you will be glad you did.

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